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The Garden

acrylics/mixed media/paper, 30x40cm-24x32cm, 2021-2022

A Lust for Live

As the true artist is used to, painter Joop Vugs keeps discovering new means to do what wants to be done.
Many of his recent paintings resemble notes due to their small size; mind scribbles, not to forget.

Some of them have been exhibited before under the title “The Garden”.
After all, our garden is such a place where change is the constant and a snapshot for eternity.

That overwelming garden, or arther nature, or rather our existence, demands the utmost respect.
After all, everyone plays only a modest role, which sometimes only becomes clear when what was once self-evident
will never be normal again.

In that supporting role, we let the paint run its course more than ever and concentrate our contribution to make the dicision
that “it’s right. That we meanwhile do not understand why “it is good” perhaps illustrates the fundamental enigma of our existence.

What remains is the realization that we can participate for a while and we realize that that invitation is cordial; a lust for live.

Mathieu Bruls architect, Maastricht april 2022.